Look at the Drancy shoah memorial an unbelievable spot close to Paris

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I was in France last month when my partner looked at the online site www.citibreak.com. I came across the Drancy memorial, a fantastic location situated close to Paris.

Complementary to the Memorial of the Shoah within Paris, the Drancy Holocaust Memorial can be described as host to dialogue between the place of the former camp and the people, some space of history and transmission. It helps schoolchildren and also the general public to educate yourself regarding the history of the Cité de la Muette as well as the important part performed by the camp at Drancy within the exclusion of the Jews from France in the course of World War II.

An exceptional moment that I suggest to all.

For more information ensure you check out the website by heading this link - Drancy. You might also call in on sortie cullturelle

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