Look at the Amboise Castle a masterpiece around Blois (France)

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I was in France the past week when my wife and I browsed the website citibreak.com. I came across Amboise castle, a magical place tucked within the Loire region.

You have to visit Amboise castle and discover this awesome castle. The actual castle of Amboise, made in the fifteenth as well as the sixteenth century on the demand of Charles VIII, Louis XII as well as François 1er, is probably the jewel from Gothic and also Renaissance architecture. That castle possesses a fantastic collection of furniture. It is in Amboise Leonardo da Vinci spent the final time of his life. He's buried inside the church of Saint-Huber.

A special experience I always recommend to all.

For more information ensure you take the time to view the web site by going over to this link - Culture in France. You may additionally call in on sortie cullturelle

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