Look at the Amboise Castle a jewel close from Tours (France)

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I was in Amboise (France) the past October when we looked at the website citibreak.com. I discovered Amboise castle, a wonderful place located in the Loire region.

You need to pay a visit to Amboise castle and find this beautiful castle. The castle of Amboise, built in the fifteenth and also the sixteenth century on the order from Charles VIII, Louis XII as well as François 1er, is among the masterpieces of Gothic as well as Renaissance architecture. The actual castle possesses a fantastic number of furniture. It was in Amboise Leonardo da Vinci spent the final moment of his life. He is laid to rest in the the chapel of Saint-Huber.

An extraordinary encounter which I suggest to every one.

For extra info make sure you have a look at the website by visiting this great link - Loire Castle. You may additionally call in on France castle

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