Go to the Vincennes zoological park an amazing visit in the heart of Paris

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I was in Paris last month when I browsed the internet site citibreak. I discovered the vincennes zoo, an enchanting attraction located in the 12th district in the Bois de Vincennes.

The Zoo of Paris often referred as Vincennes menagerie, is implemented a zone of 14.5 hectares. This zoological park was first established around 1934, it houses emblematic species (giraffes, wolves, white rhinos...), less popular species (manatees…), vulnerable species (Humboldt penguins...). The zoological park has been entirely renovated and it has reopened this year.

A special journey which I recommend to all.

If you'd like more info please have a look at the web page by heading over this great link - France zoo. Also you can go to see France zoo

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